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8 min readNov 23, 2020


This year has been like no other, it has sucked for many reasons.Why?

First, they locked up Julian Assange. Then Epstein was suicided.

Covid, even tho it was discovered and clear lab evidence was saying it was deadly and contagious, China locked it down, while the rest of the world laughed. People around me didn’t believe what was going on, “overblown”, “fake”, “not our problem” were the responses. Slowly the effects spread to Europe, then North America. Our leaders ignored the threat until it was here (wherever you might be). Then somehow there was no game plan? Was it because key members of the scientific community were forced to leave their positions? Maybe it was fear and panic? The flaws in the supply chain not only exposed how delicate it all is, how unsustainable it is but also the fact that we were left to fend for ourselves.

So as all that is unfolding over a span of months, no real answers either. The biggest wealth transfer in history is occurring nonetheless, for the first time ever almost everyone can participate in it. We have the bitcoin halving which occurred as covid became a problem, 2 months before this traditional markets set new highs, CEO’s sold the top, stepped down from key positions that would give them public backlash when their companies laid workers off because of the pandemic. Politicians also sold their stocks at the top, must have had been trading during the office to get that good or had insider info, I don’t know. The 2 trillion dollar stimulus ended up being a 9 trillion dollar injection. The population of America is 328.2 Million, if every single person would have gotten the stimulus there would be 5 trillion left over, kids and children did not get one so I deduct 20% of the population to not receive the relief check. Quantitative easing is not going to stop, that means they add 0s into their bank accounts and devalue your hard-earned capital. I mean for god’s sake +22% of all existing supply was printed this year. So now at this point, you have been told to stay inside, which deprives you of vitamin D. Your psyche is being strained by constant news/tweets/talk of covid, death, anxiety, danger, fear. By staying 6ft away from other people you begin to desensitize, wearing a mask you no longer see the expression. Hoarding toilet paper is just silly. Suburban dads in crocks were in lines at the gun store, fear and uncertainty had me thinking that fear had officially set in, this was June.

By this point, there are still no clear answers on anything but now there are riots. Another fire to the fuel, bricks staged for protestors to throw, and cops not caring about hurting the elderly by standards. Our juvenile sons and daughters on the front lines being shot at with rubber bullets, video evidence clearly showing officers of the law mean to impair for life, rubber bullets to the eye, gas canisters to the face, point-blank range. Hate and racism run deep in this country, but so does justice and freedom, the latter does prevail.

Now the election started to heat up everything. People are more divided than ever, more confused than ever, and again distracted from a wealth transfer. Now they want a “great reset” quote on quote, “covid 19 presented the perfect opportunity for a digital currency”. While true about the fact that the stimulus would have been delivered instantly if sent out digitally, they just want another version of money they control and add “digital to it”. They will simply just add more zeros to their accounts just like now. The only difference is that on their blockchain you need to get veted to enter and from then on every move is tracked. That is the goal. If you don’t believe me, wait and watch.The mask order got everyone accustomed to taking orders, yes I understand they actually help with germs. Why haven’t we worn them during the flu seasons before tho, are the death rates not the same? Do I like people being 6ft away from me in check out lines, yes. Let’s keep it that way for everyone.

The banning of TikTok, which was in relation to the trade war, also now conditioned the public to get used to being told what software you can use. Yes, there was probably spyware, every country does this, it is not new. Most people don’t take op-sec that seriously to begin with. During the summer when protests/riots/looting was at an all-time high there was a law passed granting mass surveillance of all digital data going in and out of the “protest zones” basically if you went to a march/protest/walked by your data might have been compromised, who knows. Now the ban of encryption apps is up in the air, yes there are bad perpetrators that use them, but 99% of users are me and you.

If 2020 hasn’t been a war on the people’s health, finances, and psyche I’m not sure what you think is going on and I wish you the best of luck.

A thread I saw on Twitter about “is covid a hoax”. This is a very hard question to answer because I think it is both. Show me evidence that these events weren't orchestrated, money and power and politics isn't in bed with one another, and that the people at the top didn’t benefit from the economic disaster, which now there is a great plan to reset it, so convenient, a plan so big, yet no plan for a pandemic as it crept over for months. Print all the wealth, buy the assets, then sell them back, I think I get it.

The next section is more in regards to the CT, where I spend a good portion of my time. (Crypto Twitter). Yes, bitcoin is the supreme blockchain, the biggest and most secure, until it is otherwise I stand my case. Will it be a daily transaction currency, no, if you see a BTC transaction in 10 years, you or someone you know is well off. This digital hash infant, while powerful, still young. Gloating in the face of bankers can backfire greatly my friends.

Let’s break down some math here.

Crypto as a Whole Market Cap: 532 Billion

Bitcoin: 350 Billion Market cap. Alts: 182 Billion

  • *Bitcoin does now owe anything, nor does anyone or anything own bitcoin. Alts are not a representation of bitcoins’ “total assets”*
  • The only thing that is controllable in bitcoin is wealth sovereignty and hash power (miners).

Recently I have been seeing a lot on the fact that Bitcoin had surpassed the market cap of JP Morgan (349.25 Billion). While true let’s consider the fact that JP Morgan has two thousand five hundred and thirty-three billion in Total Assets, that’s 2.533 trillion to be exact. The Big 4 add up to a market cap of $917 Billion and having 13.58 Trillion in total assets which would put bitcoin at $737,200 per coin. Next, I took nine more banks, “15 of the world’s wealthiest banks 2020” edition. The numbers I ran gives these banks a market cap of 2.6 Trillion dollars and their Total Assets at 37.3 Trillion which would put bitcoin at $2,024,875 million per coin. Bitcoin is now a currency, an asset, a hedge against economic uncertainty, secure wealth storage and transfer, it will swallow up all the world's value measured in dollar$ and $atoshis will be the denomination of value.

I did the math for “Top 10 countries with the most wealth”, which might be 2019. One bitcoin in my rough guesstimation is $56k with a market cap of 1 trillion dollars, I simply didn’t feel like doing the math. The following are simply market caps of the ten countries, do the math, if you can’t, don’t try to “trade” the market and miss the stress and pain, just hodl.

US: 105.9T, China: 63.8T, Japan: 24.9T, Germany: 14.6T, United Kingdom: 14.34T, France: 13.7T, India: 12.6T, Italy: 11.3T, Canada: 8.5T, Spain: 7.7T.

What do you think they can do to bitcoins market cap, just like who we consider being whales (large investors) move the price and manipulate it, the new whales will move it between 50K-1M per BTC wrecking the current alphas, in my opinion.

The banks run the world and there are institutions that run smaller banks, debt. So I prefer to think of them all as “entities that enable and thrive of the monetary system and associates”, instead of trying to piece a spider web of money trails and debate who has more power. The ones they don’t own, want to be bigger than the banks that want to control them, that’s the game, accumulate wealth and take over the world.

Bitcoin is a bulletproof idea that will live on forever, it is also the pin to the current monetary system, the system that has been set up to oppress the users, us, the common person with no ties to royalty/monopoly families or deep state politics. A space that is paving a new frontier towards a better world in my opinion has to grow up and simply forget about individuals who talk down on the space, at least not gloat in their face day in and day out. It might be fun and games for now but an idea with a market cap of 350 Billion dollars is a peaceful digital revolution to overthrow a tyrannical global empire with unlimited funds. They do not take that lightly. They will try to shake everyone out at whatever cost it takes, the game is played by 5–10–20–50–100 year increments, that's how far their money goes and thinks, or at least that’s what I’ve come to believe.

Trading this week has been crazy. I doubled, tripled, and lost it all, 2 times. I only trade profit btw because I can justify losing all of that. It still hurts, the pain of liquidation. For some reason, the trades I fail on are the big reversals that seem like they will go to the upside. I’m not sure if there is a metric I am neglecting to look at, reverse reverse psychology maybe. Whatever the disconnect, I will figure it out. In the meantime, I had gathered strategies and tips from who I believe are some of the most credible and educated individuals out there. For me, they are all part of my crypto twitter family, even though I don’t know any of them personally but simply because we are all on the same orange lifeboat.

Here are the biggest things I now fully grasp because I traded this crazy volatility.

  • Do not enter the market with emotion, whether it be stress, anxiety, or greed. You are at a disadvantage already.
  • Do not be jealous or frustrated because others are seeming to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is their 2nd or 3rd time around, they might be losing more per month than they made that day. Be patient and ride the wave. Be wary of misperception, especially if screenshots of realized profit do not show the trade size.
  • Realized profit is profit. So many times have I been up 20–30% on trades and I just want more, just a little bit. Don’t do that.
  • If you haven’t traded before do not try to do it now. I am an INVESTOR overall, up until recently did I start to take trading seriously. It is seriously, not easy. So don't think you will master it in the most volatile season yet, literally unprecedented times and uncharted waters. Wait for 140K maybe or wait a whole 3 years and hold, and study the markets.
  • Since everything invested, being traded is also willing to be lost. One needs to realize when to take a loss and exit a trade (if you haven’t had a stop loss) Don’t get trapped.
  • Do not enter a trade without a stop loss or a take profit. Never adjust the stop loss once set, have proper discipline, and be confident in your actions.
  • Relax, go outside and enjoy what is more scarce than bitcoin. NATURE.

If you got this far, a big thank you for reading my first medium article. If you think it is interesting or it has any value please share it.

P.S. Wouldn’t sell any bitcoin for the next 10 years…supply is almost dry, institutions are buying more than is produced. exchanges will have to reply on ious like banks soon. Be careful, not your keys not your coins.




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