#002 The day after yesterday & Inclusive Capitalism with Religion.

3 min readDec 10, 2020


Since my last article the points, I had intended to write about actually came to fruition. I was going to talk about the rise in scammers. Traditional and crypto-related, overall I think people are just way more prone to being scammed than before. The crypto space seems to be disposing of imposters and scammers across all platforms quite efficiently. I did notice accounts have been grown to have up to 10k-15k followers. Makes me think how long there have been scam bots building a scam ecosystem in the shadows and if there will be deep fake tech implemented alongside these scams. As far as traditional markets, the email scams seem to look better put together.

Taxes are another scam if whoever is reading this hasn't realized. Why do we need to give what was earned simply because the system is designed to have a “currency monopoly”. Taxes don’t go to education, the infinite money printing machine that bailed out big corps and agents of “the empire” who think they have a stake in the new world, meanwhile being played like pawns used as cannon fodder. Authorities, protestors all pawns.

Seems as though the masses are aware the lockdowns make no sense, the data is invalid, psychological warfare is at play and the state of the global economy is ultimately teetering on who knows what. I however believe that the infinite QE will work, only if taxes are eased, stimulus/UBI is given.

This will not however restore things back to normal, the old days are gone. Unless you live in the country that is, you have 5 years until the agenda to push everyone into big cities (cages) happens, with taxes, land acquisitions, force. They are already forcing you out, dear farmers, how many of you are gone in the last 10 years.

There needs to be a proper documentary done about the bitcoin hard fork.

My crypto recommendations are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, Chainlink, Polkadot, Celcius, CRO (crypto.com), Algorand. That is all I will ever “shill”.

My trading skills and techniques have overall improved, however my greed fucks me up still when I forget to get off the lower high time frames. Pattern Recognition is improving. The indicators that I use are rsi,stochs,bolinger bands and hash ribbons, all on what I believe to my best ability are the proper time frames.

Okay so the topic that needs discussion now sooner than later. China has been and will continue to grow inside the eco-system of the united states. The government can teach us a lot, I am not saying I want their rule here. I think for the first time in history the public needs to be involved with all aspects of the government and we need to have a new world order.

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism is the trojan horse. The church is the state. The council will resolve the wealth gap, unite the world, bring peace, but will it be at a cost and for how long? Should we trust the Rothchilds? What we need to do is exactly what the video says, come and work together, put religion aside, put politics aside, and stand for what matters. Do not allow freedom to vanish and do not let those in power speak for us, but take their money. Our move





Bitcoin stuff. Trade ideas/opinion. Trying to make sense of it. Might talk about CT.