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3 min readOct 9, 2022


Bitcoin set a new ATH and is now below/@ 2017 ATH again. PlanB model is now bunk. Bitcoin hero’s keep getting slain.

Fiat currencies are collapsing all around the world, there are protests against authoritarian governments, mandates, monetary policies ect. Oh and we are unofficially in ww3 with the proxy war in Ukraine which is on the edge of spilling over into a full blown war. With the recent annexed territories which voted to be part of Russia, an attack on them means an attack on Russia which will be enough to justify an end to the SMO and kick start the war war…

So up until this week the proxy war was contained, the sanctions on Russia mostly hurt the common individuals from the countries who are doing the sanctioning. As the German people were protesting to have a change in their government and to have the sanctions against Russia lifted so they would have had for the winter, coincidentally Nordstrom 2 got blown up and NS1 experiencing some explosions also, a tostado of 4 all together was reported…oh and Poland has a pipeline ready coincidentally to get gas into Europe, even tho it’s only capable of 5% of NS2. So come to find out NS2 will be back in operation because 1/3 of the lines survived so there that now too.

China has a plan for their CBDCs to have an expiration date, so no citizen can actually save wealth. Also their central bank has asked major state-owned banks to prepare to liquidate their dollar holdings for the local unit in offshore markets according to Reuters.

There are millions of people living in Covid quarantine pod camps due to the zero-Covid policy. This has caused a loss of production workers in the work force and factories to begin moving out of China, which has sent the cost of shipping containers to Europe down 60–70% to 2020 levels. In the UK apparently unvaccinated individuals will have a 2km and radius where they can spend their CBDCs but can’t outside of it on top of not being allowed to purchase concert tickets, sport game tickets ect ect…

The US seems to have no limit for the aid they are liking to send to Ukraine, just this week they approved 12.5 billion dollars, yet last week they denied 1billion which was asked by the VA for the veterans of the United States, instead they were told to apply for food stamps. The trans/pedo agenda to groom children is only getting worse in the states. In the last two days Gavin Newsom created legal framework for minors to obtain sex changes without parental consent, as well as making it illegal to investigate the deaths of unborn babies even if a coroner suspects foul play.

Beginning on January 1st 2023 in Illinois the saf-t act goes live, the following crimes; aggravated assault, aggravated dui, aggravated feeling, arson, burglary, drug induced homicide, intimidation, kidnapping, robbery, 2nd degree murder, & threatening of a public official, will be non-detainable so basically the individuals committing the crimes get to walk away to possibly commit more crimes..

My here are now perfectly healthy adults who are passing away due to “sudden adult death syndrome” which happens to mainly only happen in those who are double/triple vaccinated. Companies who made the vaccines made record profits, their board members as well, and everyone seems to be refusing to show emails. But there are many lawsuits for the mandates and lots of incriminating evidence that this was all done for profit.

The federal reserve has not stopped fucking the citizens of America and by proxy the rest of the world. The political divide is widening as well as the wealth gap, the middle class is disappearing, crime is sky rocketing, food prices and gas prices are high, but imo we have not seen anything yet..

Hyperinflation is coming, it’s inevitable, governments hold power by controlling currency and when it fails they go to war. Overall wages haven’t gone up in a decade, inflation is 9%~ but really around 20%, interest rates at 7%, the British pound is now worth one dollar. New ATMs in Iran have a fingerprint scanner.

Russia is buying potassium iodide at a mass scale, Poland was handing it out to their citizens, the catholic funds for the Vatican have all finished being moved from European banks exposed to the energy crisis/fiat war.




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